Manufacturer's Suggested
Retail Price (MSRP): $70

Qty 1-10Our Price: $36.95
Qty 11-25Our Price: $34.95
Qty 26-50 Our Price: $33.95
Qty 51-100 Our Price: $32.95

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Step #1: Please choose color of item
Black     British Tan    Red     Blue    

Step #2: Artwork
Note: We charge a one-time fee of $65 to make your customized die.
The standard $65 die charge, for a die up to nine square inches, will be added to your shipping fee, with larger dies costing an extra $3.50 for each additional square inch. Please read our policy on accepting camera-ready artwork by clicking here.

Step #3: Choose Journal Type:

Step #4: Choose type of material for imprinting
Debossing ($0.75 per item for debossing)    

Step #5: Enter Quantity desired